Environmental Policy

As an integral part of our operating practices and procedures the company will use the 'Best Practicable Means' for the avoidance / control of any risk of environmental contamination.

In accordance with the requirements of the environmental legislation, we will manage the environmental aspects of our activities and strive to improve our environmental performance, where economically practicable, by:

  • setting objectives and measurable targets of achievement in environmental control;
  • developing a working group structure within the organisation for managing the environment;
  • allocating specific responsibilities for environmental control to the working group;
  • minimising the consumption of energy, raw materials, fuels and water;
  • minimising the production of waste and ensuring the safe removal and disposal of all waste materials;
  • using 'Best Practices' to prevent / minimise any environmental impact that may result from our production and processing operations;
  • training employees in the correct and safe methods of operating plant and equipment and handling raw materials and waste on the company site;
  • developing contingency plans for any potential major accidents or incidents that could / would have an environmental impact;
  • ensuring we are aware of all legal requirements and endeavouring to comply with these;
  • responding quickly and openly to any environmental concerns related to our operational activities that may be raised by the local community.