Ferro Vanadium


Ferro Vanadium is added in small quantities to microalloyed steels to increase strength. In larger quantities it is added to increase strength and heat resistance in tool steels. Normal grade is 80% Vanadium and is available in a range of sizes and packing.


Ferro Vanadium VCAlSiSP
78-82% 0.25% max 1.50% max 1.50% max 0.05% max 0.05% max

Size 10-50mm


For most hot rolled microalloyed steels the strengthening effect of Vanadium is enhanced in the presence of increased Nitrogen levels.

The benefits are that either a higher strength steel can be produced from the same amount of Vanadium or more often that less Vanadium is required to produce the same strength level.

The enhanced strengthening of Vanadium with Nitrided Ferro Vanadium is caused by an increase in the number and a decrease in the size of Vanadium Nitride precipitates.

Nitrided FerroVanadium can be applied to the following steel qualities.

  • Air Cooled Forging Steels.
  • High Strength Hot Rolled Sections.
  • High Strength Hot Rolled Bar (including rebar)
  • High Strength Hot Rolled Strip particularly from CSP Mills.

Nitrided Ferro Vanadium VNCSiAlP
65-75% 12-18% 1.0% max 1.5% max 4.0% max 0.08 max
0.1% max 0.15% max 0.15% max 12-15%

Size 3-15mm

Other sizes and specifications are available on request. Please contact us at info@tenmet.co.uk