Magnetite is a naturally occurring iron oxide (Fe3O4), the density of which is 5.17g/cm3. This high density combined with the magnetic properties mean it is used in Dense Media Separation (DMS). The magnetite powder is mixed with water to create a slurry or ‘dense media’, this allows objects of different densities to be separated using the sink/float method, magnetic drums help recover most of the magnetite from the separated material keeping consumption and costs low.

Typical applications include scrap seperation, coal washing and mineral/ore concentration.


Magnetite (Typical Analysis) FeMnOFe3O4SiO2Al2O3MgOCaO
71.1% 0.05% 98.2% 0.35% 0.24% 0.3% 0.11%

 Size : Typically 70% passing 63 micron

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